Jai Sree Gurudev

Jai Sree Gurudev

An Appeal To The Parents

   The visiting hour for the Principal’s Office is Monday: 3.30 PM to 4.30 PM for any enquiry by the parents. Except for valid and emergency reasons, meeting principal during other timings will not be entertained.
   The parents must send their children regularly and punctually to the school.
   The Student Calendar (Diary) is to be brought to school everyday and parents are requested to ensure this. Parents are requested to scrutinize the diary everyday and note the announcements, communications and home assignments as given and acknowledge the same each day.
   The parents must ensure that homework is done by the children regularly and must encourage them to cultivate the habit of neatness, self-help and systematic work.
   Any difficulties connected with the progress of the child in studies may be communicated to the school authorities.
   Parent’s vehicles are not allowed inside the campus.
   For any clarification regarding rules please do not engage yourselves in unnecessary altercations with the security. Meet the office / person concerned.
   Whenever it rains heavily or when the public transport is suspended the parents at their own discretion may take such measures so as to not to expose their children to any risk.
   Please make arrangements to pick up your ward during the time of Sports, Annual day and Picnic exactly at the time informed.
   Attendance is compulsory for all school functions.
   Change of address or phone numbers should be communicated to the school immediately in writing.
   Please read our circulars and remarks pages in the diary and respond to them.
   Transportation facility (school buses) for children is available. Only those who would like to avail themselves of the facility for the whole academic year (11 months) shall apply in the prescribed form in the last week of May.
   Transportation fee will be collected every term along with the tuition fees. Transportation fee is subject to revision as and when the price of the petroleum products is hiked.

Disciplinary Rules

   All students must be punctual and regular in their attendance to school. Late coming to school will be viewed seriously.
   Students must speak in English while at school.
   Students should come to school in clean and neat uniforms and those improperly dressed will not be admitted to the classes.
   Students should bring the required textbooks, notebooks and other relevant study material only.
   Pupils must write their name and classes on their books and belongings. In case of loss of articles, pupils may contact the office for lost property. The school assumes no responsibility in case of any loss.
   Money or costly articles should not be brought to school. Students should not wear costly ornaments. The school is not responsible for any incident that may happen in this connection
   Pupils must maintain perfect silence during the working hours of the school.
   The school premises must be kept neat and tidy. Writing on the desks, walls, throwing paper everywhere, damaging furniture etc., are objectionable and strictly forbidden.
   In case of sudden illness or injury to the child, first aid will be given in the school and parents will be informed. It shall be the responsibility of the parents thereafter to get the child treated properly.
   Whenever progress report is sent to the Parent/Guardian, it must be signed and returned to the school on the prescribed date. Any tampering of the progress report will be viewed seriously.
   No student of the school is permitted to collect funds, or sell tickets for any external organization without the sanction of the school authority.
   Irregularity to school, lack of application to studies, disobedience, misconduct of serious nature in or outside the school is liable to cause dismissal of a student from the school.
   Those who absent themselves for more than 7 days will have to seek re-admission. This is not applicable for children suffering from physical ailments. However, they have to produce medical certificate from a competent authority. If a certificate is proved to be false, the student might be removed from rolls.
   When students leave / discontinue classes, the parents / guardians should inform the principal in advance giving sufficient reasons in writing. This applies to special classes conducted by school for 9th and 10th grade students.


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