Jai Sree Gurudev

Jai Sree Gurudev


Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well – Aristotle
We strongly believe that the teacher is the pivot of the educational process and whatever the policies and programmes of the school, in the final analysis it is the teacher who has to execute them and see them through. Our teachers are mentors in the true sense. They come from across the country, are well trained and have experience teaching in good schools. They are trained regularly to identify each students skill sets and focus on each student individually.

The teachers assess a child’s learning preference regularly and then design their delivery of course to suit the child. This has proved to be highly beneficial especially with slow learners. The students enjoy the myriad of opportunities each has to succeed at learning and our teachers enjoy watching them succeed. Our teachers are our pillars as they take care of every facet of the child’s personality.

Teaching in S.S.V is reflective and informed by best practices. Learning, then, follows almost naturally. The emphasis that teachers make is on enquiry, understanding and appreciation. Students are given opportunities to question, experiment and make sense of what they have learned. Collaborative learning is used often, when students share what they have learned with each other


Sree Saraswathi Vidhyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School
Berigai Main Road,
Bagalur, Hosur (TK),
Krishnagiri (DT) - 635105.

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