Jai Sree Gurudev

Jai Sree Gurudev


The following documents are required during the admission of pupils.
An original copy of the Birth Certificate*

  The Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.

  A testimonial of good conduct.​

  A report of the previous school examinations.

  A filled-in application form for admission

Higher Secondary

In the Higher Secondary section, the following groups are offered:

Languages : Tamil, Kannada

  Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  Physics, Chemistry, Botany,Zoology.
  Maths, Physics, Chemistry,Computer Science
  Economics, Commerce, Accountancy,Computer Applications.

Application Form

Note to Parents

1. New pupils must be introduced personally by Parents / Guardians who will be responsible to the principal for their regularity and fees.

2. Pupils coming from other schools must produce the “Transfer Certificate” duly countersigned.

​3. Pupil leaving the school in the middle of the term must pay the fees for the full term. Fees once paid will not be refunded for any reason.

​4. Those desirous of getting Transfer Certificate should make an application stating the reason of withdrawal of the pupil. The application must be made on or before the last working day of March.

​5. A student once removed from the roll will be re-admitted only after the payment of re-admission fees, provided there is a seat. If a student attends school even for a day in a term, fees for full term is to be paid.


Sree Saraswathi Vidhyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School
Berigai Main Road,
Bagalur, Hosur (TK),
Krishnagiri (DT) - 635105.

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Monday – Saturday
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